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I don't know how many times I've started and stopped blogging, but I just can't seem to let it go no matter how crazy life gets! Over a year ago, though, I finally decided to let my Word Press site go. All 700 posts of it. 

That was hard.

I was going to copy and paste them over here on my new webiste, and I started to do that. But what I discovered (besides the amount of time that was going to take that I didn't have to give), those posts, while sentimental and in my mind, "good content", they weren't always uniquely my original project ideas, the photos were often not great, and I'm just in a different place in my life. I decided it was better to save them "just in case", but to otherwise start fresh.

And then I did NOTHING.

Well, not entirely nothing. I was working for a while on getting this site set up with the home page and "freebie". But then...NOTHING. 

In addition to normal busy life, I think I allowed Covid and all the quarantines (when we were almost always healthy), and the inability to do all the normal things for so long, to just make me sloth-like. I regret not being those people that took advantage of the opportunity to get outside and exercise. But then we also went through some family trauma. I won't get into it now (if at all on here), but we spent most of the summer in grief and I just now am starting to feel like a normal, motivated human again. Still grieving, but trying to get back to life. 

I have over a year's worth of home remodels to share, oodles of oily and natural health tips, and on and on it goes! My desire is to share daily on Facebook and Insta, and weekly here on the blog. It may take me a little bit to get into a routine, but I'm excited to get back to it and glad you're here!

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